Why Supplement?

Why Supplement
Have you ever wondered if you should take supplements? 
Here are a several reasons I believe everyone needs to be adding vitamins into their day,
... Poor Diet - A majority of us are unable to meet the RDA for multiple nutrients considered necessary to maintain good health. It may be due to poor eating habits or a lack of available food with specific nutrients.
... Increased Need - Advanced age, pregnancy and lactation, and external factors such as stress and exposure to pollution and other contaminants may increase our nutritional requirements.
...Genetic Predisposition - Our unique genetic makeup may require us to load up on a particular nutrient more than the next guy.
...Disease - Metabolic stress caused by our body's efforts to overcome disease, recuperate from surgery, or recover from trauma can have a significant effect on our nutritional needs.
I believe everyone should be on a supplement program to help fill in the gaps and to work on prevention for long term health. I am here to help make sure you get on the best supplement regimen for you. A great starting place to learn more is through taking a free health assessment.
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