If you are anything like us, you’re crazy busy. Well, AVWELLNESS lets you to get fit no matter what type of schedule you have. By having awesome, online video workouts at your fingertips, you can exercise at any time of the day. Most of our workouts don’t require any equipment.

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What do members get?

  • A variety of 20-30 minute workout videos online
  • Workout calendars so there is no guessing which workout you should do next
  • Meal Plans
  • Access to Amanda each month to ask any questions about diet and exercise
  • Discounts on live workouts online or in person

Sample Membership Videos

20 Minute Workout Videos Anytime and Anywhere

Hi/Lo Varied Impact Workout

This is the perfect compliment to those who like low-impact and those who like high-impact style workouts. Options are given for all fitness levels allowing an excellent all over body and cardio workout.

Strengthen & Lengthen

Long & lean… Who wouldn’t want to be described with these lovely L-words? The moves in this workout—which are inspired by several fitness styles—elongate while they tone, stretching and sculpting muscles all in one workout. This is an excellent workout to surprise your body and feel muscles you have never used before.

Functional Training

Want to move better, feel better and improve your range of motion? This workout is for you. You may not think of foam rolling as a workout, but wait until you try this. We use functional movements (exercises that will help us with how we move everyday) and also foam rolling which is a self-myofascial release for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. By combining these two element of fitness you will be creating strength, improving cardio, range of motion, and muscles elasticity. Let’s roll : )

All About Arms

I’ve compiled some of my favorite exercises for shaping, toning, and building well defined, strong, and functional muscle in your biceps, triceps, forearms, back and shoulders. In addition, several of these exercises will also help you strengthen and tone other upper body areas. Ready, set, go!

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With 20 - 30 minutes workouts that require minimal to zero amounts of equipment, Amanda will help you start the journey to a long, healthy, joyful life!

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